Reimagine your virtual and hybrid events

Feel your attendees' emotions

In an all-virtual era, non verbal feedback is a must have! Create a strong link between speakers and attendees with live reactions. 

Give a voice to your audience

With Sparkup Now!, your participants become actors. Everyone can react, express themselves or collaborate in real-time. 

Energize your event

Turn your event into an interactive TV show! 

Create quizzes and games to bring out the competitive spirit and spice up your event.

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Enlarge one or several attendees at any time for spontaneous interactivity

Create live polls and word clouds on the fly

Live reactions from your audience with applause and emojis

Create a fun experience

Display the top players with a podium

Ready to go beyond virtual?

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Sparkup now live reaction
Sparkup now live poll
Sparkup now live quiz

With Sparkup Now! remote attendees are part of your event, wherever they are in the world. Offer them a first row experience and empower them to share their reactions in real-time.

A shared immersive and interactive experience

In a single desktop or mobile browser, attendees can watch your event and engage with audience interaction tools. The best part? They can see themselves in the video mosaic!  

Add a live chat and live Q&A




Giant video grid

Display up to 100K attendees and go beyond the limits of traditional video grids

Ultra-low latency

Broadcast your event with our ultra-low latency streaming to avoid delays between the livestream and the attendees' reactions

High definition

Offer a high quality experience to your attendees with our high definition streaming 

Sparkup now live poll


Every attendee gets a front row seat

Utilizing video boards installed within an event or studio space, Sparkup can pull live feeds from attendees for speakers to interact with in real-time. Attendees are all visible, just like they were teleported in the room. 

No attendance capacity restrictions

Works with any screen from small monitors to giant LED walls

Accessible on Desktop or mobile