Interactive video meetings made easy

Discover the easiest, most efficient and most impactful way to engage your remote participants. For one-off events. For daily meetings. All of Sparkup’s interaction features, integrated with video. 

Make daily meetings engaging and insightful

Sparkup can be used as a daily video conferencing tool with a wide range of powerful interaction features. Interaction and data capture have never been easier, making your ongoing meetings as productive as possible. 

Run everything in one place

Sparkup with Integrated Video combines all of Sparkup’s interaction features with an integrated video platform. No need for separate software. No complicated multiple apps and windows management. No compatibility worries.

Interested in Sparkup with integrated video? 

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Give a voice to your employees, increase team collaboration and collect valuable insights.

Make your online participants part of the event with live polls and Q&As.


Captivate your audience with Q&As or Polls embedded seamlessly into your webinar platforms.



Keep your online attendees engaged and help them retain more information.

Create a seamless experience for participants

Help your attendees focus on what really matters. With Sparkup integrated video features, they only need one link and one device to join the video conference and actively take part into the conversation.

Use the video tools you already have

Sparkup works smoothly with your favorite tools like Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Youtube so that everyone can focus on interacting. 

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